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What we did: Pitch Deck • Pitch Training • Consulting
$4M raised with our Pitch Deck
Had been #1 EdTech startup
in Philippines before closure
Roman Kumar Vyas
CEO & Founder at Refocus.me
Founder at QMarketing and Qlean
Startup Mentor at Techstars and 500 Global

Vlad and his team create outstanding presentations and really help you get to the core of what you're trying to convey. Working with BulletPoint was a great experience. Their deck helped Refocus to secure a funding round of $4M. I'd highly recommend BulletPoint. I've collaborated with a lot of people in this space, and they're among the best out there.
– Deck is minimalistic, and starts with three figures (key for any VC investor)

– Previous deck was dense, and had an overloaded executive summary slide
– Impressive revenue growth in just 8 months vs fixed marketing budget

– This chart is a "hook:" all investors ask about marketing costs in Q&A session
– Clear and quantified value vs costs for customers (instalments available)

– Not a lazy abstract mission, but a very specific & inspiring one for founder
Logic behind slides
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What we did: Pitch Deck

EBAC Online
Raised Series B using our Pitch Deck
EdTech platform that has disrupted LatAm market
Working with Vlad and his team was helpful for EBAC Online. They condensed all our data and ideas into a well-structured 25-page pitch deck. Their research and analytics were thorough. With the current pitch deck, we're even more confident in pitching EBAC Online to investors.
Andrey Anishchenko
Co-Founder at EBAC Online, Co-Founder at Skillbox (leading edtech in Eastern Europe)
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What we did: Pitch Deck • Financial Model
Nuanu City
Smart City in Bali
Founded by Sergey Solonin, co-founder of QIWI

It's not easy to create a Pitch Deck for a smart city, especially when there is a huge complex vision distributed among several teams. Working with Vlad felt less like outsourcing a Pitch Deck, and more like finding a fellow visionary. Vlad is a great storyteller: he had crystallized vision of Nuanu City in a captivating and engaging way, reducing complexity without sacrificing depth. After working with Vlad, we've presented this deck to numerous stakeholders and potential investors, and received tons of positive feedback. If you need a Pitch Deck that has both high clarity and powerful storytelling, Vlad's team offers something quite rare in this domain.
– Review by Nuanu team
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What we did: Pitch Deck • Financial Model • Pitch Training
Vlad is a sharp expert who understands investor's 'psychology' really well. We got very useful and applicable advice on fundraising, pitch preparation and storytelling. It is especially valuable that Vlad is very supportive and actively shares contacts from his wide networking.
MedTech startup from Israel
Wearable tech for elderly to track vital metrics 24/7
Elena Dobrohotova
ex-CMO of Yandex core-services and ex-head of growth at CityMobil
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Pitch Deck
– We create entire 20-25 pages presentation from scratch

– We do everything: research on market, problem & competitors; all analytics; all copywriting; we never use templates

— We write the speech & try it with you few times, and only then create slides, so they can really assist you in the pitch
Pitch Training
– 4-8 hours of intense training before you actually pitch to investors

– We prepare you for actual pitch and for Q&A session, and improve the way you present yourself & your project

– We improve your confidence & energy in pitching, and fix any problematic details (voice, eye-contact, posture, etc.)
– High-quality outreach of ~200 VC funds or business angels in the first month

– We target only relevant VC investors & customize all messages to them, that's why we have ~25% average response rate

– We prepare all texts, reply to all questions of investors, follow them up & fill your calendar with Zoom calls
Cold Outreach
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Team of experts
  • Vlad Muravyev
    Founder & CEO
    • Created 200+ pitch decks
    • Assisted VC funds and business angels in reviewing startups
    • Worked in Mars, Henkel, KPMG
    • Experienced in public speaking (ex-president of debate club, author of trainings on presentations & popular science lectures, stand-up comedian)
  • Kirill Lazarev
    Fundraising Expert
    • CEO at fundraising agency Raiz (clients: Arloid, Tayyab, TakeProfit, MainsLab)
    • Founder of analytical agency Elytics (clients: Yandex, Sbermarket, SberEducation)
    • Ex Senior Analyst at Altair Capital, ex Head of Analytics at Joint Journey, ex BDM at slsbmb

  • Artem Mushin-Makedonskiy
    Storytelling Expert
    • Trained 3000+ people in the art of business storytelling
    • 50+ corporate projects (clients: Ikea, VTB-24, MTS, Gazprombank, Beeline, Moscow Government, Sberbank, Megafon, Tatneft, etc.)
    • Board member of the international group Storytelling In Organizations
    • Founder of Historia Academy
    • Author of the "Narrative Leadership"
  • Marta Zhukovskaya
    Public Speaking Expert
    • 120+ live training sessions on the art of public speaking
    • Worked with clients from Yandex, Danone, MARS, Royal Canin, SBER, Alpha-Bank, STS-Media, Taidi, and Synergy Global
    • Experience as a television host
    • Worked in Mars & Royal Canin
    • Senior PM at Skyeng
registered by address LENINGRADYAN STR 27BLD, Yerevan, Armenia
Eric Hollander
CEO & Founder at Chiral Software
When we contacted BulletPoint, our need was a presentation to help us to get into the new Department of Defense Accelerator Program.

The Pitch Deck Vlad and is team has created let us being selected for this highly competitive accelerator program.

The final presentation was a perfectly crafted tool to achieve our needs — and it worked.
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Success stories of our clients
MidChains raised $5M
MidChains is a fintech startup from UAE. It's a global institutional, blockchain enabled, multi-asset investment exchange with a next generation infrastructure focusing on digital asset trading and investing. We've created a Teaser and Pitch Deck for this startup.
VeCap raised $4.7M
Startup from Germany that aims to disrupt the EU smart homes market. We've created a top-notch Business Plan with Financial Model and Pitch Deck.
UBEX raised $5.2M
UBEX is the end-to-end programmatic marketing platform enhanced by AI. We've created Presentation, Whitepaper and Teaser for this startup.
BestMeta raised $9M
E-sports startups that allows gaming stars to monetize their popularity among fans. We've prepared high-quality materials for this startup that allowed it to stand out among other gaming projects, and raised significant amount of funds.
NuCycle won Entrepreneurship World Cup pre-finals in Finland
NuCycle acts as a facilitator between recycling companies and those who want to offset their waste. NuCycle measures client's waste footprint and then extracts and recycles the same amount of waste from the nature. We've created Financial Model for this startup, and consulted them on their pitch.
ImmunоМind got accepted into UC Berkeley SkyDec accelerator
Moonshot startup from UC Berkeley SkyDeck. It introduced the AI-powered platform for ultra-fast discovery of biomarkers that increase the success rate of drug development programs using single-cell immunogenomics technologies. We've created Pitch Deck for this startup.
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